Electric Conduction: Lauding Valery Gergiev

Директор Мариинского, Проводник LSO, валерий гергиев является лучшим!

Another look at the past
From November 28:  Gergiev, LSO,  Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet. 

An SACD of this performance will be released Monday!  http://lso.co.uk/buyrecordings

Also downloadable on i-Tunes.

Google really DOES love us!!!! At least, at Christmas
For the first time, I got a notice about my own blog entry in my daily Google alert for "Valery Gergiev":

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YouTube - Modest Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov, Act 3 (3/5) — Valery ...
Modest Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov, Act 3 (4/5) — Valery Gergiev Added to ... Modest Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov, Prologue (2/3) — Valery Gergiev Added to ...
Twitter / Ian Bruce: Valery Gergiev's Rite of S ...
Valery Gergiev's Rite of Spring is pretty amazing.
Electric Conduction: Lauding Valery Gergiev - Merry Christmsas ...
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Mixes including 'Anna Netrebko, Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre ...
Mixes including 'Anna Netrebko, Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre & Valery Gergiev' Loader_sm_dr. 1 results. markmeyerphoto. published Tue Dec 15 22:13:53 ...


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I am grateful, and humbled.

It is easy to start your own google alert; but keep reading us if you do!!!!  We add the funny, usually, anyway.

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Here is a repost of an oldie but a goodie from a couple years ago. I've updated it at the bottom.

My Favorite Quotes By or About Valery Abisalovitch

July 14th, 2007
Current Location:Plymouth MI / Плимут, МИ США
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Current Music:dives & lazarus, asmf, mariner

Many things, good and bad (sometimes by the same people) have been said about the Minister of the Mariinsky or Whatever Yeltsin Appointed Him to Be. Here are some of my favorites...what are yours?

al fineCollapse )

Will it be "Nos" by a nose?
 Just kidding.  They never give out the classical awards during the actual Grammy TV program.  But the "Nos" and "Shostakovich 1 & 15", both by Gergiev & the Mariinsky ON the new Mariinsky label, are in the running.  And the label continues to pump out new CDs.  I wonder if any other recording label has had their first 2 recordings nominated for Grammies?  On the other hand, are there any other recording companies that produced ONE orchestra and ONE conductor on each of their first four releases?  

More here: 


Dutilleux and Stravinsky at the Barbican
Of COURSE he's most comfortable with Stravinsky....but is getting to be more of a French music magician, too!  (Of course, it helps to have one of the world's best orchestras to conduct!)

LSO/Gergiev at the Barbican live reviews | Music | Arts & Entertainment - Times Online

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New Year (almost), New Style
Hope you like the new style!  I changed it to another dark one the other day, and realized you couldn't read a lot of stuff in the archive due to the black font.  So, we're lightening up a little, right, maestro?

Merry Christmsas everyone!/ Счастливое Рождество каждый!

And for the dogs/и для собак, которые читали мой блог:


The News from Vladivazkaz /Новости от Владиказказ
gergiev, 1978
Georgian teenagers have been recently wandering into South Ossetia...which probably isn't such a bad thing, considering a lot of people think South Ossetia is part of Georgia, still....with grenades and explosives. Which is not a very good thing at all.

So they've been locked up. But on the 17th a Georgian official talked with.....wait for it....the maestro himself to get the kids freed. And apparently it worked. (Is Shashiashvili another spelling for Shiakashvilli?)

I totally am not making this up:


Quote from article in Georgian Messenger:

"Shashiashvili [leader of the White Party] arrived in Vladikavkaz from Moscow. He held telephone negotiations with the famous producer Valery Gergiev. Shashiashvili spoke to him about the release of the Georgian teens in Tskhinvali."

Stay tuned for the new adventure series, The Conductor, in which a mild mannered (?) Ossetian musician responds to calls of distress by donning a mysterious disguise and settling international disputes.

Or, maybe in which a hostage negotiator responds to calls of distress by conducting "The Nose" at the Met.

Таким образом грузинский чиновник говорил с Гергиев, чтобы умолять для выпуска подростков нарушения границы в Тшкинвали.


Цитата от блог на английском языке:

"Shashiashvili [leader of the White Party] arrived in Vladikavkaz from Moscow. He held telephone negotiations with the famous producer Valery Gergiev. Shashiashvili spoke to him about the release of the Georgian teens in Tskhinvali."

См. захватывающее новое телешоу "Дирижер", в котором кроткий осетинский музыкант отвечает на запросы бедствия, надевая маскировку с письмом "D" на этом и улаживая международные споры.

Наблюдайте новое телешоу, "Дирижер", в котором скромный (?) музыкант отвечает на сигналы бедствия, надевая маскировку и пальто с письмом "Д", и улаживая международные споры.

Или, возможно в котором посредник заложника отвечает на сигналы бедствия, проводя "Нос" в Мете в Нью-Йорке.

Interview from LSO page
 Here's one they did let me embed!  I think our friend Gareth, who keeps the LSO ontour blog, is the interviewer, but we never see him, so, I don't know for sure.


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